Vpecker Easydiag and launch X431 iCarScan test report

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Vpecker and iCarScan introduced, one of which is a better OBD2 fault code reader? One of our customers has tested and scored several models of wireless Vpecker wireless diagnostic scanners and scanners for iCarScan (replacement Idiag) for comparison.

To be honest, ISCAN introduced more options for the car, then vpecker, such as the engine, it can play only a few parameters that can read and clear the fault code which is it no other engine even if DPF regeneration idiag no longer need to provide this Car, I have tested some cars. I think he can use special desfonctions for Toyota, Honda, scion to do more. But because it is the original interface and the price of the software is sure of her.

So now the vpecker OBD2 scanner is good because it rapideque launched with the original one at a good price but not even close to Delphi or delancement because it can not do the function.

VPECKER Esaydiag and online Win XP win 10 ~ system ISCAN fault code reader update. It is easy to update. So they can work for all cars by 2015.


Vpecker compatibility language to do better, covering the world's 25 major languages; also appeared to appear less, only 9 languages. So if leslangues depends on the customer Vpecker covers more.

PS language Vpecker:
Italian, Chinese (Simplified), English, Chinese (Traditional), Japanese, German, Russian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Turkish,
Dutch, Hungarian, Korean, Czech, Arabic, Indonesian, Persian, Thai, Vietnamese, Finnish, Swedish, Romanian, Bosnia and Herzegovina, etc.

Startup Language:
English, French, Russian, Japanese, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese

That's it. I have to say that everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses, but both VPECKER Esaydiag and launch X431 iCarScan are sure to work so far.
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