How to Update AUTEL MaxiDAS DS808 Android Tablet Diagnostic Tool

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Whats the advantages to update the Autel DS808 ? The updates can improve the MaxiDAS applicationscapabilities, typically by adding new tests, new models, or enhanced applications to the database.

So how to update it ? Lets check the details as following :

A. How to update the software of Autel DS808 ?

1. Make sure the Display Tablet is connected to a power source with stable access to the internet.

2. Tap the Update application button from the MaxiDAS Job Menu;

or tap the update notification message when received one;

or tap the Update icon on Vehicle Menu in Diagnostics application.

The Update application screen displays.

3. Check all available updates:

If you decide to update all the items, tap the Update All button.

If you only want to update one or some of the item(s), tap the Update button on the right column of the specific item(s).

4. Tap the Pause button to suspend the updating process. When you tap Continue to renew the update, the updating process will resume from the break point.

5.When the updating process is completed, the firmware will be installed automatically. The previous version will be replaced.

B. How to update the firmware of Autel DS808 ?

1.This option allows you to update the firmware of the scan tool. Connect the scan tablet with the vehicle through DLC or use the mini USB cable for power supply.

2.Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the operation.

3.Internet connection is necessary for this operation.


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