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Cyber punk Park

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Westworld is "cyber punk"? Yes, but not just. The "western world" to build a virtual paradise more real and tangible,Casual Bags classic -- real or virtual tourists face the problem is not "cyberpunk", but "I drink this cup of beer and then go up girl", or "shoot the bartender at the bar and then slaughter the choice. It is also the theme of Clayton's eternal pursuit that any technology may release it in the presence of the evil of human nature. The first is a centralized communication between tourists -- for the first time, with the family and horse riding, fishing, casual bags for ladies enjoy the beautiful scenery in the world; the second time and a ruthless, rushed into the town to kill myself. Obviously, for most people, killing and sex (automatically insert HBO logo here) are more demanding than the VR feature. (click here to see the HBO ad short film - "this is not AV, it's HBO.") As the "Grand Theft Auto" series caused controversy in the same year -- you can in a virtual city, queuing to buy things, drove a red light, when to model citizens, but almost all the game player chose + and rampage. This is not all rely on the game developers who -- in a responsible world, encourage you to become evil motives, it is the other side you do not know that usually hidden in your body,casual bags for mens grinding teeth of small animals. Although we do not know the true identity of Ed Harris's black dress man, we can not even determine the role of this set of evil, whether it is a super AI or a real player?. But it's clear enough that he combines all the players with evil. And every choice of "gun" or "beer" moment, players have to face their hearts that black man.
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